Our Awesome Services

We offer I.t, Safety & CIPC Administrative services

Web Design

We create good quality websites at affordable prices

Networks Maintenance & Monitoring

Often, small companies just outsource someone to setup their network and move on. However, even though computers make our lives easier, they also are ever changing objects, that need to be constantly maintained and monitored.

SEO Monitoring

Get your website discovered on the web. Search Engine Optimization is an important part of Web Page Design today. We offer this as a seperate service or as a monthly package. Sign up for a new web site and get the first month of SEO free.

Safety Files

No Safety File? No Plan? No Appointments? These things mean NO WORK. Without a safety file compiled, there will be no safety on your site. No safety means not being able to commence work. We offer safety file compilations at affordable prices.

Safety Officer Placements

The various safety organizations as well as the department of labour will never let you commence work on a site where a safety officer is required. Always remember: SAFETY COMES FIRST!


We take care of all your CIPC Admin tasks. From registering your company to reminding you about your annual returns, we are here to help.