Our Awesome Services

We offer the following services and much more:


1. I.T troubleshoots - including networks, servers, Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and XP
2. Other hardware or software issues - includes Office, Quickbooks, Caseware & Easyfile
3. Software Development (Visual Studio) - C#, HTML, Javascript
4. IT PATs 5. Social media creation - page creation, maintenance & updates
6. Blog creation - same as above
7. Website creation - same as above
8. Support via teamviewer
9. On-site tech support
10. Networks - setup, maintenance, troubleshooting
Many more I.T services available with plans & packages to suit your needs and pocket!!


1. Develop, Implement And Maintain SHE Management Systems.
2. Facilitate The Legal Appointment Structures In A Business.
3. Placement And Management Of Competent SHE Officers.
4. Drafting HSE Policies And Procedures.
5. Compiling Of Client Specific Legal Safety Files.
6. Accident / Incident Investigations.
7. Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment Process.
8. Audits / Inspections And Action Plans & Close Out Of Deviations.
9. Conducting Training And Awareness For All Employees.
10.Emergency Management Planning.
11.SHE Meetings.
12.Accredited Training Courses.
Many more SAFETY services available with plans & packages to suit your needs and pocket!!


Where clients only require staff placement services, we shall provide the following competent personnel:
1. SHEQ Managers/ Officers
2. Traffic Safety Officers
3. Flagmen
4. Training Facilitators
5. SHE Representatives and Fire Watchers.
6. Semi-skilled artisan personnel and General Labour
7. I.T Managers
8. I.T Supervisors
9. Technicians
10. In-house Consultants
11. Programmers
12. Web designers


1. Company Registrations
2. Company Ammendments
3. Annual Return Submissions
We cater to every CIPC service available.

Our pleasure to serve you

At NIYASH, we understand that safety, it and cipc are three important things that need to be taken care of in a business. We also understand that it is hard to afford services when they come at such a high price and still, sometimes you are left with unsatisfactory work.

The following is our promise to you:

To work together with our clients to cohesively combine our knowledge and strengths

To ensure our clients compete satisfaction within our projects

To create cost effective plans to suit our clients needs and pockets!